Alcantara - Solitaire

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Francesco Venti: lead guitar, keyboards
Sergio Manfredi: vocal, lyrics
Alessio Basile: drums
Salvo Di Mauro: guitar
Sebastiano Pisasale: bass
Gionata Colaprisca: percussion on track 1
Andrea Quarolli: bass on track 3
Saro Figurra: drums on tracks 1, 8
Alessio Bannò: hammond organ on track 2

“A five piece band from Sicily carrying on the legacy of classic-era Pink Floyd – progressive rock, psychedelic rock, space rock – songs that are dream-like and wrapped in majestic melodies.
Capturing the timeless legacy and praised for its echoes of bands like Floyd, Talk Talk, The Doors, Radiohead and Porcupine Tree, the album goes far beyond: dreamlike melodies, great grooves and majestic arrangements build solid textures that keep the tension high over more than 45 minutes of space ballads and gloomy blues.
But there is more!
“Solitaire” is also a statement of resistance with its lyrics denouncing the decline of society and political class and calling all the people to resist.”
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