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Minor classic of German jazz rock, that I had heard a lot about, but had never actually heard. Now that I've heard it, I can say that the track "Simple Headphone Music" is very nice and *very* blatantly rips off "Torrid Zone" off of the first Nucleus album. Having said all that, this is quite nice, performed by a five piece of electric piano/vocals, guitar, flute/tenor sax, bass and drums.

"First lp reissue of progressive Krautrock album originally released on Phillips, titled Vampire State Building the quintet Alcatraz from Hamburg presented a pleasant and mainly instrumental progressive and experimental jazz-rock sound, with instant recognizable elements from Miles Davis' In A Silent Way and early King Crimson albums. Most successful was the 12 minute track 'Simple Headphone Mind'. The 13 minute title track was a long improvisation. The album was recorded in Tonstudio Wumme, where Faust and Slapp Happy also recorded albums, all engineered by Kurt Graupner. From the master tapes with bio and photos."
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