Alco Frisbass - Le Mystere du Gué Pucelle CD

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Patrick "Paskinel" Dufour : keys and synths, drums programming
Fabrice "Chfab" Chouette : keys and synths, electric guitars
Frédéric "Tourneriff" Chaput : bass, electric and acoustic guitars, keys, synths and modular, percussions
Jean-Luc Payssan as guest on "Pulsar" : classical guitar, sitar, mandolin and voices

This is this group’s third release, which is an excellent symphonic / progressive release with some touches of Canterbury keyboard tones.
They have released two previous albums that are very good. This is not hugely different from them, but I think it might be their best so far!

“Canterbury/Yes/Genesis-tinged instrumental prog from this French band's third and probably best album (so far ;-), an exploit, considering the excellence of the previous one. This one swings more, I feel - and once again, impressive drum programming. All the sounds, too, are spot on. Bravo.”-Tom Landon

“Killer Canterbury (Alan Gowen, Gilgamesh, National Health) band mixing also influences from Anglagard and Needlepoint. Just a perfect album to listen with the New Ske. Frenchies rock!
For fans of high level progressive rock.”-Pierre Wawrzyniak (of Camembert)
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