Alco - Threads Of Life CD

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“‘Threads of Life’ evolved as a result of the group Alco being involved in a concert containing both rock and classical music. The idea of juxtaposing these different idioms was novel, but not as exiting as the decision to amalgamate the two in a new work to consist of three songs. Existing original material by the group was used as a base onto which additional material was superimposed for the orchestra, which here contains saxophone, six timpani, amplified harpsichord, and synthesizer. Both the group and the orchestra are heard separately as well as together and climactic sections are contrasted with passages for solo display.
Although the scoring of a work for rock group and orchestra is by no means a new idea, previous attempts have often resulted in the two forces remaining separate. We hope you will enjoy our combined attempt at such a synthesis.”

“Mesmerising art rock concept album with neo classical elements made at Plymouth university in 1972, the stunning cover art by Deborah Coombs complements some astonishing complex dreamy tracks with wistful vocals and an eloquent mesh of Keyboards, Synths, Guitar and Orchestra, 200 were made in 1972 and it's a legend amongst record collectors.
The CD includes a booklet with extensive text by all members including the artist Deborah Coombs, there's also a bonus acetate only track and an actual 1972 Radio Interview with the band from the time of the LP which is both astounding and disturbing.”
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