Algernon - Live (professionally made CD-R)

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Algernon were a very excellent Chicago avant/post-rock quintet consisting of two guitars (one guitarist also played synths), vibes, bass and drums. They released three album, the final one, Ghost Surveillance, on Cuneiform in 2010.
This very excellent and very fun live document of the band between 2008-2010 features two unreleased songs and powerful live versions of songs from their albums.
"Algernon "Live" delivers the off-the-rails energy and sophisticated interplay of an Algernon live performance that heretofore could only be experienced at an actual Algernon show. This is neopsychedelicpostrockjazz at its finest!"
The sound ranges from completely professional to extremely good unprofessional and won't get in the way of anyone enjoying this a LOT!
Nick Fryer - Guitar on Deactivate the Motion Sensor
Cory Healy - Drums
Dave Miller - Guitar and Synth
Tom Perona - Bass
Toby Summerfield - Guitar
Katie Wiegman - Vibraphone
They were quite great and they did THIS:

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