Allegri Leprotti - Au Zulo

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Allegri Leprotti are an Italian 70s band who played on stages along with Stormy Six and Picchio dal Pozzo, as well as participating in Italy's R.I.O. movement, although they never recorded at the time. You can hear elements of Frank Zappa and Stormy Six in their music. This is their first album and it consists of their 1970s repertoire, recorded recently and released for the very first time.

Ferdinando FaraĆ²: drums, xylophone, percussions; Francesco Forges: vocals, flute, piano, keyboards; Peppo Gallucci: guitars; Roberto Passador: vocals, mandolin, bagpipe; Lorenzo Serafin: double bass, electric bass, oud, saz. Also featuring: Valerio Beffa: tenor and alto sax; Carola Caruso: vocals, reciting voice; Vitaliano De Rossi: violin; Mario Frascotti: percussions; Silvano Melloni: mellonitron; Roberto Romano: tenor sax, clarinet, duduk; Tony Rucco: reciting voice.

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