Allen, Daevid / Gilli Smyth / Harry Williamson - Stroking The Tail Of The Bird (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“This is a luvly cd of Daevid playin gliss guitar, Gilli doin her space whispurrs and Harry ambientizin :} Seriously tho, this a beaut---music to float away with. The CD has snippets of field recordings from the bush in Oz, fused with gliss and whispers. If you liked or heard 22 Meanings, this is fer you. Wonderful music to get off to.”

“Five magnificent tracks, recorded at various times between 1976-98. The two part/two track title cut is a twenty-five minute gem that employs wonderfully strange, yet galactic bird-sounding effects with incredible sound layers intact. Allen is teamed up with fellow Gongsters keyboardist Harry Williamson and space whisper goddess Gilli Smyth. Same with "Moonpeople Gliss", but more atmospheric. "Deep Sea" is PURE glissando ambient, way ahead of it's time... recorded in 1976. Beat that. "Rainbow Meditation" seems to possess some of that airy experimental element that many of us have practically come to live for. A great disc to own a copy of.”
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