Allman Brothers Band - Peakin' At The Beacon (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"This CD is an accurate representation of the Allman Brothers Band live at the Beacon Theater in NYC. I've been to the Beacon many times and can tell you that this is an excellent CD and it recreates the sonic qualities of the room, PA, etc. You have to remember that this is a LIVE recording and is not a studio CD. It captures the nuances of the live performance and the sound of the theater. The recording was mixed live by Bud and he did a heck of a job mastering the overall CD.
Greg's vocals are good and Dickey's playing is smokin', soulful and reminiscent of earlier days but with more indepth and intricate solos. In summation, this is one of my favorite Allmans CDs and I look forward to more material being released. You may as well grab this while you can because in the current line-up of players, the Allman Bros. aren't really the Allman Bros. without Dickey Betts!"
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