Amoeba Split - Quiet Euphoria CD

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Alberto Villarroya López - Electric bass, guitars and keyboards
Ricardo Castro Varela - Piano, electric piano and Hammond organ
Iago Mouriño - Piano, electric piano, Moog and Hammond organ
Fernando Lamas - Drums and percussion
Pablo Añón - Tenor sax and alto clarinet
Dubi Baamonde - Soprano sax and flute
Rubén Salvador - Trumpet and flügelhorn
Israel Arranz – Vibraphone

Third and best yet from this Spanish Canterbury-influenced ensemble.

“The music is a melting pot of various influences and one can only admire this group which, while claiming certain influences (Soft Machine, Nucleus, Robert Wyatt among others), never really sounds like the monuments which probably inspired them. This brilliant instrumental album is nothing less than a real gem of new progressive fusion.”

“A/five stars; a full-blown masterpiece of original Jazz-Rock Fusion--one that feels as if it is paying homage to many of the key shakers and movers of the 1960s and 1970s jazz-rock fusion movement." - Progarchives “Quiet Euphoria” presents the magical alchemy of surreal atmospheres, lightness, and jazz flavor to reach its stylistic and expressive peak. There is room for everything: experimentation, delicacy, and power, they all manage to coexist in this album with a thousand faces, very tight and full of feeling in a fully jazz-rock sound. Behind this floral, colorful, and complex creature are the eight members of the group... ...with this album the band reaffirms its place as one of the best bands in the world and delivers another masterpiece that will definitely, and with every right, resonate into the world of prog and jazz rock and become an inevitable classic of this music.”-New Dawn Of Prog

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