Amoeba Split - Second Split CD (expanded)

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Newly reissued after being unavailable for years, and now with a bonus track.

Ricardo Castro Varela-Hammond organ, piano, electric piano, Moog
Alberto Villarroya Lopez-bass, guitars, Moog, electric piano
Pablo Anon-alto sax
Pablo Anon-alto sax
Dubi Baamonde-flute & tenor sax
Ruben Salvador-trumpet, flugelhorn
Fernando Lamas-drums

Amoeba Split are a Spanish, progressive jazz/rock band with heavy Canterbury-scene influences. They won a lot of friends with their fine first album, and this one, after a number of years, is significantly even greater and has a larger instrumental palette, for them to choose from, making this sound a bit like another excellent Canterbury-esque album from Spain, the great 2nd album by Planeta Imaginario, 'Biomassa'! Highly recommended to any fusion/Canterbury fan and to fans of Planeta!
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