Amygdala - Amygdala (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This release is by a Japanese duo that Alain of Soleil Zeuhl discovered. Yoshiyuki plays keyboards/synths/programming and Yoshihiro Yamaji plays guitar and bass. All of the drums are programmed, but they do a very good job of it, and this excellent debut does not suffer from 'canned band syndrome'.

"Amygdala is a Japanese band, heavily Zeuhl-influenced (much more on the UZ side than Magma, I'd say), with that RIO edge that seems to be the landmark of the greatest Japanese bands of these last few years. Almost all instrumental, the line-up features drums, bass, synths, piano, guitar & occasional other instruments. Dark, pulsating and complex, their music combines powerful rock energy & the insane rythmical patterns of Magma. Recommended to fans of dark sounds : Present, Univers Zero, Thollot, Ruins, Peter Frohmader etc..."
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There's a lot going on here...does not sound like a duo (and I guess in a way it isn't since there are often more than two instruments working at the same time). Left this one in the car player for about four revolutions, (this hardly ever happens). If you dig UZ, Simon Steensland, Happy Family, Henry Cow etc. this may not hit a lot of new neurons, but it's no doubt great stuff and a helluva' deal at this price.
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