Amygdala - Complex Combat

Second release by this instrumental Japanese duo of Yoshiyuki Nakamima-piano, organ, keyboards, bass guitar and Yoshihiro Yamaji-guitar. Their debut was a very good first effort, but it suffered from having programmed drums. It had some of the best programmed drums around, but canned drums is never the best option. Happily, they are joined on this album by the monster drummer of One Shot, Daniel Jeand'heur, who thereby extinguishes any complaints anyone may have, no matter how good the programmed drums were!

"Second CD issued by Soleil Zeuhl of this Japanese band. Basically a duo on their first CD, the line-up is now expended with Daniel Jeand'heur (One Shot) on drums (all tracks) & Kenichi Oguchi (Kenso) on synths (2 tracks). Compositions are in the same vein as their first, but probably somewhat wilder & less written : very dark zeuhl ala Present/UZ with typical Japanese complex compositions that sometimes feature sonic explosions not too far from Ruins."
  • LabelSoleil Zeuhl
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