Anderies, Trevor - Promises Of A Tree

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Trevor Anderies - Drums
Alina Roitstein - Voice
Gregory Uhlmann - Guitar
Emilio Terranova - Bass
Andrew Conrad - Tenor Sax / Clarinet

"Where the other was a thoughtful expression of the place where hard bop and avant-garde meet, his newest sees him growing more nuanced and increasingly diverse with this mix of modern and classic jazz, folk, and pop." — Dave Sumner, Bird Is The Worm

"The creative winds of original music are once again blowing from Los Angeles. Composer, Drummer, and Producer Trevor Anderies has solidly established his identity as a bandleader by consistently presenting creative and innovative ideas. PROMISE OF A TREE brilliantly reveals the results of his many dedicated years of study and composing. At the same time, he has performed various nationwide and international tours, with highly respected and successful collaborations in Germany, Italy, France, and a most significant stay in Ghana to study with world class master drummers.
As a producer, Trevor displays some excellent arranging skills by creating works that reveal his fresh melodious inventions, along with deep rhythmical sensitivity. I was totally mesmerized by the opening mood, melody and poetry of "The Acorn." These pieces flow in a magical sequence — one that naturally takes you on a fascinating musical journey. Along the way, you'll hear a piece by composer Earl Hagen, with lyrics by jazz vocalist Mel Torme: the 1940's classic, "Harlem Nocturne." Later, when Alina pours her entire heart in the MOST beautiful rendition of "Shenandoah," the journey slowly comes to a calm and peaceful close. In my opinion, Trevor, Alina, Andrew, Greg, and Emilio have created these masterful sound paintings with a clear view into the future of modern American music.
In times past, there were several local Los Angeles clubs that presented the work of young musicians. The main one that comes to my memory is the World Stage, which was founded by a major jazz icon, drummer Billy Higgins. Fast forward to the present, and the most creative music in LA can now be heard in Little Tokyo at the Blue Whale. This is the musical home for serious listeners; any night of the week you can hear the work of future masters in process. I've gone there many times to hear outstanding groups lead by Trevor. Each time, it was fresh and filled with innovation, especially this latest group with unique vocalist Alina Roitstein. Her warm and captivating voice beautifully sets the tone, and brings Trevor's music to life. This project presents a perfect blend of the world music influences that resonate within the hearts and minds of these youthful giants of creative music.
Listen and enjoy the journey!”—Bennie Maupin, Altadena, CA, May 9, 2015

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