Anderson / Bruford / Wakeman / Howe - An Evening Of Yes Music Plus 2 x CDs

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Small quantity available of this now out of print CD set. The best "Yes album that isn't techinically a Yes album" that was ever made!

"Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe was made up of four fifths of the classic Yes line up of the '70s. Put together by Jon Anderson, who wanted to get back to the musical ideals made popular by Yes during the band's massively successful albums of the early to mid '70s, the band recorded one self titled album released in 1989, and then embarked on an extensive and hugely successful worldwide tour.

This performance was captured on the American leg of the world tour and finds the band performing not only material from the self titled album but also classic material from Yes including 'Starship Trooper', 'Close to the Edge' and 'And You And I'."

"Burdened by all sorts of legal proceedings regarding the name Yes, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe embarked on their one and only tour in 1989. It was billed as "An Evening of Yes Music Plus," which provided the title to this live set, and also embroiled the group in much of its legal battle. The DVD here represents a live return to form for this lineup. They were essentially the Yes of old, while the "YesWest" lineup was off doing their more pop-oriented approach to music. This really does hold up well, even as a Yes album. The recordings here are quite well done and focus more on the prog side of the musical structures. The material chosen is based mostly on classic Yes material, but includes quite a few cuts that were featured on ABWH's studio release.

The only major complaint on this disc is that Tony Levin (who performed on the studio CD and most of the tour) was ill during the recording of this show, and therefore not featured here. However, Jeff Berlin certainly does an admirable job of filling his shoes."-AllMusic Guide
Disc 1
1 Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
2 Time and a Word/Owner of a Lonely Heart/Teakbois
3 The Clap/Mood for a Day
4 Gone But Not Forgotten/Catherine Parr/Merlin the Magician
5 Long Distance Runaround
6 Birthright
7 And You and I
8 Starship Trooper: Life Seeker/Disillusion/Würm
Disc 2
1 Close to the Edge
2 Themes: Sound/Second Attention/Soul of the Warrior
3 Brother of Mine
4 Heart of the Sunrise
5 Order of the Universe
6 Roundabout Anderson
7 Starship Trooper
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