Anderson / Bruford / Wakeman / Howe - Anderson / Bruford / Wakeman / Howe 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"This is a fresh, energetic recording with a few flaws here and there - not perfect by any means, but so much better than your average late '80s pop-rock-progressive album.
The recording is superb and most of the songs are strong, expertly performed and presented with confidence and gusto. "Teakbois," the weakest track, tries to be some sort of reggae-latin dance tune but, hey, these guys are very white, very British and, no matter how good they are, they can't be what they're not. Still, the tune is catchy enough that I often get it stuck in my head. "Themes," "Fists of Fire," "Brother of Mine" and "Quartet" are excellent and so very YES like that it is hard to separate them from the YES canon.
Tony Levin, who serves as bass and stick man brings a depth and sophisticated turn on the instrumental sound and his years of working with Bruford in King Crimson is evident in their collective imprint on the recording.
If you like the music of YES, or you just like intricate, well written, well performed and thoughtful music with some guts and some mindful luster, this is a great addition to your music library."-Stuart Dummit
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