Anderson, Fred/William Parker/Hamid Drake - Blue Winter 2 x CDs

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Blue Winter is a milestone achievement in the great career of one of the stalwarts of the tenor saxophone, Fred Anderson. An exponent of the illustrious Chicago heavyweight tenor tradition that includes his contemporaries Gene Ammons, Johnny Griffin, John Gilmore and Von Freeman, Anderson spent decades as a family man and bar owner before starting to seriously tour and record in the nineties. Born 1929 in Monroe, Louisiana, Anderson migrated to Chicago in 1940, where he devoted many years of study to the music of Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins and Charlie Parker. In 1964 Anderson co-founded the seminal Chicago musicians' organization the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). The strength and individuality of his playing in early AACM ensembles with Muhal Richard Abrams, Joseph Jarman and Henry Threadgill earned Anderson the nickname 'the lone prophet of the prairie.' On Blue Winter, Anderson is joined by one of the premier rhythm sections in any music genre, William Parker on bass and nagaswaram (an Indian double-reed instrument) and Hamid Drake on drums. The two-CD set features a beautifully-recorded complete concert from the trio's 2004 northeast tour. [Eremite]
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