Anderson, Jon - Olias Of Sunhillow CD + 5.1 / hi-res DVD-A

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"Out of all the solo albums the members of Yes recorded in the mid-70s, Anderson's remains the most bizarre, and arguably the best. Personally, it's my all-time favorite Yes solo album, though for those more rock-oriented or less tolerant of Anderson's spacey vocal and lyrical approach, Chris Squire's Fish out of Water will probably fill that slot. Olias is a concept album that renders the mythic themes of Noah's Ark set in space. Olias features Anderson at the height of his lyric-writing; heavily abstract yet hopeful, but not trite and overly-sugary like his later efforts. I am somewhat suspicious at the claims that Anderson played everything of the exotic blend of instrumentation provided here (one senses a strong Vangelis presence, and he is thanked on the liner notes), but until other evidence surfaces, that's how the album is credited. In any case, that's splitting hairs. Anderson's strengths are all over this one: simple, highly melodic compositions swirling around in a cauldron of English, Eastern, and even African influences, and augmented by ingenious arranging (particularly for the vocals)."-Ground & Sky

“A new expanded and re-mastered 2 disc edition of the classic debut solo album by YES vocalist JON ANDERSON, Olias of Sunhillow. Released in July 1976, the album was a conceptual work recounting the story of an alien race on a journey to find a new world following volcanic destruction on their home planet. All music on the album was written and performed by Jon Anderson and the recording took place at Anderson's Buckinghamshire home studio whilst Yes were on hiatus following the tour to promote the album Relayer. Initially recorded on an 8-track tape machine, the arrangements were then re-recorded on to a 24-track tape machine. The album saw Jon perform the music entirely alone, teaching himself to play keyboards and acknowledging the influence of such legendary musicians as Rick Wakeman, Patrick Moraz and Vangelis on his work. Indeed, it was even rumoured Vangelis performed on the album, something the maestro would deny in interviews. Olias of Sunhillow was released by Atlantic Records in the summer of 1976 in an elaborate gatefold sleeve designed by David Fairbrother-Roe and was a top ten album in the UK. This edition has been newly remastered from the original album master tapes and fully restores the stunning original artwork and also features a booklet with a new essay and exclusive interview with Jon Anderson. Over the ensuing years the excellence of the album has led to many calls for the album to be remixed in a 5.1 Surround Sound format. Alas, despite extensive research, the multi-track masters of the album cannot be found. However, this expanded edition of Olias of Sunhillow features a DVD featuring a high resolution 96 kHz / 24-bit re-master of the stereo mix and also includes a high resolution 5.1 Surround Sound up-mix derived from the original stereo master tapes as an additional feature.”
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