Anderson, Jon - Olias Of Sunhillow CD

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Long unavailable on CD, it’s nice to have this back again.

“For those wondering what to expect from Jon Anderson's first ever solo work. It is the soundtrack to his complex vision, and every sound the listener hears represents a part of the mystical story he had in mind. The unique instrumentation, vocals, and overall texture perfectly capture an otherworldly feeling, and the rather dynamic flow of all the music. Jon Anderson's unmistakable 'Yes' voice is layered amongst acoustic guitar, keyboards and some very interesting and varied percussion. As a result, it is not simple, yet it is smooth. It is from the heart and spiritual, a carefully and masterfully laid out surreal journey from start to finish.”

"Out of all the solo albums the members of Yes recorded in the mid-70s, Anderson's remains the most bizarre, and arguably the best. Personally, it's my all-time favorite Yes solo album, though for those more rock-oriented or less tolerant of Anderson's spacey vocal and lyrical approach, Chris Squire's Fish out of Water will probably fill that slot. Olias is a concept album that renders the mythic themes of Noah's Ark set in space. Olias features Anderson at the height of his lyric-writing; heavily abstract yet hopeful, but not trite and overly-sugary like his later efforts. I am somewhat suspicious at the claims that Anderson played everything of the exotic blend of instrumentation provided here (one senses a strong Vangelis presence, and he is thanked on the liner notes), but until other evidence surfaces, that's how the album is credited. In any case, that's splitting hairs. Anderson's strengths are all over this one: simple, highly melodic compositions swirling around in a cauldron of English, Eastern, and even African influences, and augmented by ingenious arranging (particularly for the vocals)."-Ground & Sky
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