Anderson / Stolt - Invention Of Knowledge

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This is one of the most pleasant surprises of symphonic rock to happen in the last decade: Jon Anderson meets up on a cruise ship with guitarist Roine Stolt and the best Yes-style album of the last 40 years was somehow born from those small beginnings.
Working by bouncing ideas and material back and forth, when both were satisfied with the results after 18 months of woodshedding, Roine went into the studio and cut the band tracks live with Tom Brislin (keyboards, who played with Yes on the Yes Symphonic tour), Jonas Reingold (bass) and Felix Lehrmann (drums) before adding overdubs and some additional musicians. From these very much 'real band sounding' tracks, Jon's vocals were added.
Consisting of four side long tracks, this is the album that Yes fans have been waiting and hoping for since Going For The One that the band itself never seemed to get around to doing! The vibe is utterly Yes, since anyone who knows classic Yes knows that the basic core of all those classic Yes songs are from Jon, and then embellished by the other great players in the band. That's still true here, except the other great players in the band aren't named Howe or Squire....
The playing is great and the songs sound like Yes and Jon Anderson is in amazingly great voice for a man who is in his 70s and had to leave Yes because of health problems. Easily highly recommended for any Yes fan.
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After listening a few times, this doesn't sound like a union of Yes and Flower Kings to me. It sounds like a combined Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt album. And both sides come through and reinforce one another. Tomas isn't around so it isn't the Kings (not quite as pixie dusted), the guitar is more emphasized. And Steve, Chris, and Alan provided more body blows than this one does. It's ahead of Jon's solo records because the backing group is a lot better if you get my meaning. It's fantastic to hear Jon in full voice. Roine is fly as well. Just great, make more!
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Yeah....a really cool album that seems lost in time. It takes a few plays to come to grips with there being a lack of "Yes" players involved. I have to applaud Jon for writing a large-form LOVE album in such crazy and angry times. Very much a balm for those of us feeling "out" of these times too. I'm sure Mr. Trump would not like it(HA!). This is not an aggressive release. Very well played with lots of good old fashioned prog style. But it IS all "Peace and Love, Man",...and what's wrong with THAT?! It's got that voice,and it's great to have him back on form. This would have been right-on in 1974, it's for those of us that remember 1974!
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