Ang Mo Faux - Improvisations

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"improvisations is the premiere recording by ang mo faux, a singapore-based trio. the two pieces presented here are essentially sonic explorations of software environments for live signal processing. in the case of "lobby", the software environment is autonomous, static, and unchanging, providing a consistent set of sonic responses to which the trio can react in building and shaping a performance. in contrast, “choppa” occurs in an environment that is dynamic, fluid, and under direct manual control.

the music of improvisations results from the practice of musical interdependence and the willingness of individual artists to cede individual control in favor of mutual influence. neither the sound makers – in this case Ty Constant and Peter Ivan Edwards — nor the signal processing player — Steven M. Miller — are completely in control of the resulting sonic formations, instead intimately relying on each other for shaping the aural results. the outcomes are continually shifting aural environments which transform from sharp juxtapositions to expansive timbral calms in a ceaseless stream of invention.
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