Ange - Au Dela du Delire/Emile Jacotey 2 x CDs

Teriffic, reasonably priced double package of two of their very best works; their 3rd album, from 1974 and fourth from 1975. Both are quite great. Highly recommended, classic symphonic progressive rock.

"Simply put, Au Dela du Delire completely kicks my ass every time I listen to it. The album picks up on the basic feel of Le Cimitiere des Arlequins and ups the ante all around. Au Dela du Delire sees a leap forward on the compositional end, as the band displays less of a willingness to go out on any kind of tangent, or leave any idea underdeveloped. Without a doubt, everything here is more focused and complex, while the main themes and melodies are even more memorable....Au Dela du Delire is a progressive rock classic....Au Dela du Delire is their opus; don't miss it."-Greg Northrup/Giant Progweed
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