Ange - Tome 87 (Mega Blowout Sale)

With the exception of the last three tracks on the album, the 'live' versions of all seven of the other songs, taken from the different studio albums, were constructed within the framework of a unified stylistics. Here, all of them are a bit more heavy and complex than the originals, at the least. So the best definition of the music that is featured on the first seven tracks of the album would probably be a blend of Classic Symphonic Art-Rock and Progressive Hard Rock. The alternation of 'heavy' and symphonic structures, as well as vocal and instrumental parts, is typical for the arrangements of each of these songs. Christian Decamps' vocals are fantastically diverse and expressive (as usual), while the instrumental arrangements are intensive regardless whether he sings or not. All seven of the first tracks on the album are excellent and, in my view, about two thirds of them are better than their original (studio) [Musea]
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