Angeli, Paolo / Takumi Fukushima - Itsunomanika

Takumi Fukushima – violin, voice
Paolo Angeli – prepared Sardinian guitar, voice
Excellent album of duos; some a bit wild, others, very intimate and - dare I say - beautiful? Remember, Monk wrote a song called "Ugly Beauty"... After the demise of Volapük, I was wondering when I would hear Takumi again and I am happy to hear her here with Paolo who makes an excellent musical partner for her.

"This is Paulo Angeli’s fifth release, this time with ex-After Dinner, ex Volupuk violinist and singer Takumi Fukushima. A high quality, hi-fidelity concert performance in which Paulo and Takumi deliver an impressively well integrated, complex - and largely composed - programme of sharply focused pieces, making the most of their not inconsiderable talents and, somehow, managing to sound like a much larger ensemble. In part, this is sheer virtuosity and, in part, it’s the exoticism of the instrumentation – in particular, the sonorities of Paulo’s extended, customised, prepared Giant Sardinian guitar, which does extraordinary, chameleonic work as bass, chord accompaniment, melody instrument, viola, cello, and sometimes percussion. There are some palpable After Dinner atmospheres here, but mostly the music occupies its own ambiguous, highly convincing, cultural space. High definition, highly nuanced, work. It’s hard to believe they’re concert recordings."-Chris Cutler

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