Anglagard - Epilog (expanded / digipack) 2 x CDs

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Available again after a very, very long time. What can I say? This title is always in huge demand and drifts in and out of availability. Mostly out. This is a reprinting of the (beautiful) digipack version that the band put out several years ago with the same artwork on the digipack as before, but with a few changes on the inside. The main thing to be noted about this is that there is a second CD with a (short) new recording from 2009 of a previously unreleased song from 1992, with all of the original band members participating.

Epilog was the 2nd and last (during their original lifetime) by one of the most acclaimed progressive bands of the last two decades. Anglagard emerged in late 1992 fully formed with their brilliant first album, and it quite literally changed the progressive rock world, showing that bands could create new music that was as good as the 'greats of the 70's'. Epilog, recorded and issued only two years later, is equally good (personally, I like it even better), but the band was already fracturing, and played their final gig at the same time it was released! Classic style, all instrumental symphonic progressive performed on guitars, bass/bass pedals, piano/organ/mellotron, flute and drums. Fantastic!
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