Anglagard - Viljans Öga

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When a band takes over 15 years between their 2nd and 3rd studio albums, I think it is totally fair to call that third album GREATLY ANTICIPATED (unless you'd rather say hugely unexpected!).

Anglagard are legendary and - honestly - rightly so. Yes, they pretty much single-handedly kick-started the symphonic/progressive revival in Scandinavia and actually throughout the world circa 1992/1993, but the truth is, listening to their works 20 years later, or even this new work, they really do do it better than almost anyone, including the 'classic' artists of the 1970s.

The band on this album consists of:
Mattias Olsson: drums, percussion and noise
Johan Brand: bass and Taurus pedals
Thomas Johnson: pianos, Mellotrons and synths
Jonas Engdegård: guitars
Anna Holmgren: flute and saxophone

Classic style, all instrumental symphonic progressive and YES, it's fantastic! Once again!
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