Anima Morte - Serpents In The Fields Of Sleep CD

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Daniel Cannerfelt – electric/acoustic guitars
Fredrik Klingwall – mellotron, synthesizer, electric/acoustic pianos, organs
Teddy Möller – drums
Gustaf Hielm – bass
Mattias Olsson – electric/orchestral percussion, glockenspiel, vibraphone
Hanna Ekström – violin, viola
Anna Dager – cello
Lars Åhlund – saxophones, clarinet
Erik Palmberg – trumpet
Kristian Persson – trombone
Roger Öjersson – guitar solo on “The Underworld Beckons”
Thomas Ohlsson – additional electric/orchestral percussion on “Night Of The Final Act”
Stefan Granberg – co-composer of “Night Of The Final Act”

This Swedish instrumental band love the classic Goblin and Fabio Frizzi soundtrack style progressive rock. This features folks who have also played with Anglagard, Mats/Morgan and more.
As good as anything as Goblin ever did (and better than some of what they did) - this is the soundtrack to your favorite scary scene playing behind your eyelids.
As the band themselves state, "with their roots in classic progressive rock they make perfect use of Hammond organs, Mellotrons and Moogs to create a creepy and haunting atmospheres." Think of them as the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for Halloween, but oh so much more.”
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