Anima Sound - Musik Fur Alle vinyl lp (due to size and weight, for sale in the USA only)

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"After the success of the previous Wah Wah reissue of Anima Sound's Sturmischer Himmel we are proud to offer a first ever vinyl reissue of their Musik Fur Alle album, one of the rarest private pressings in the Krautrock scene. In 1971 Paul and Limpe Fuchs loaded their instruments on an old tractor and spent six months touring through Germany at 20 km/h. When the summer came, they stopped in front of Willy Neubauer's recording studio in Dusseldorf and there they taped a music memory of the tour. Two long pieces, 17 minute long improvisations titled 'N Da Da Uum Da' and 'Traktor Go Go Go', were to be privately released as an LP on their own Altepfarhof label. By some, these two tracks 'can surely be considered as one of the best psychedelic experiences ever created, due to the intensity of the recording.' On their performance the group produced many wonderful and inspired sounds, many of them coming from Paul Fuch's self-built instruments, and counted with the post-production collaboration of Neubauer's Echolette Ringmodulater. The Wah Wah reissue has been properly licensed from Limpe Fuchs herself, reproduces the original cover art and features an insert with photos."
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