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“After nearly a decade of explorations, the electro-acoustic collective Antler has released Inkling (2018, High Horse), the third and final volume of an epic trilogy. Inkling is an intimate journey through word and sound, featuring songs by Flora Wolpert Checknoff, Erinn Williams, and Cuneiform artist Jonathan Badger.
A mostly acoustic and sometimes electronic ensemble of indeterminate membership, Antler ranges in style from lurid Americana to atonal chamber music. A wide variety of instrumentations have passed through the project since its inception in 2009, but the guiding principle has remained the same: honor the flash of creative vision as it shows itself in the moment, and set all other considerations to the side. The second principle adopted by the collective is to privilege acoustic foundations and traditional structures above now-conventional “experimental” electronic aesthetics. The hope is that this second principle maintains structural balance and organic integrity, while the first principle drives the process and infuses it with hazard.
The new album, Inkling, marks a definite but rarified return to the traditional pop/folk forms of the first album, but now highly abstracted and loosely tethered. The album features beautiful songs by Erinn Williams and Flora Wolpert Checknoff, both of whom sing on this record alongside Badger. Wolpert Checknoff’s is an understated voice from the subconscious, while Williams sings from some mountain temple of forgotten gods. One of Badger’s songs, “Wounds,” is a trio for tenor banjo, standard banjo, and cello, and shimmers like a southern gothic nightmare. Another starts out as nod in the direction of the surreal, soft acoustic stylings of the third Led Zepplin album, but then builds toward a more overtly modern rock song, finally morphing unexpectedly into a vortex of modular synthesizer noise, pointing into a violent and aleatory new world. Of particular interest is the instrumental “Bagatelle,” an extremely dense and polyrhythmic romp consisting of baritone guitar, balalaika, oud, modular synth and, of course, mellotron. Inkling alternates between songs and instrumentals, and then in the end entirely breaks free from these forms altogether: the final track, “The Imperative,” is a chamber work by Badger for piano quintet and mellotron.”

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