Aquarelle - Live a Montreux (SHM remaster / mini-lp sleeve)

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Just when you think that there is nothing worthwhile from the lp era that hasn't already been reissued on CD, comes a small and very pleasant surprise. This is the final album (of two) by a Quebecois progressive/fusion septet who somehow managed to get signed by Atlantic! This was recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival only about half a year after the band recorded their first album, but the good news is that despite the short time period, they only do one song from Sous un Abre. So you get the energy and drive of a live recording with all fresh pieces. As before, the lineup is a frontline of wordless female vocals, flute/sax and violin backed by keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. This fits in perfectly with the progressive jazz/rock sound of much fine music from 70s French Canada. Really nice.
  • LabelCuneiform
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