Arabs In Aspic - Progeria / Far Out In Aradabia (expanded) 2 x vinyl lps (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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This compilation releases the group's earliest works, the EP "Progeria" from 2003 and their 1st full length, Far Out In Aradabia from 2004 with a fourth side of bonus tracks from 2006

"The love for Black Sabbath united two musicians in Trondheim, Norway back in 1997. Guitarists Jostein Smeby and Tommy Ingebrigtsen shared a common passion for the legendary Doom/Heavy Rock act and decided to put it on a cover band, setting the seeds of what would became Arabs In Aspic. They had a solid rhythm section with Eskil Nyhus on drums and his brother Terje Nyhus on bass. A two-year hiatus would follow when Smeby moved to Lillehammer to become a professional ski-jumper(!), eventually he returned to Trondheim and Arabs In Aspic were officially born in 2002, followed by an EP the next year under the title ''Progeria''.
In 2004 Arabs in Aspic added Magnar Krutvik on Hammond organ and Korg synth to move on to the recordings of their first full-length album. Far out in Aradabia continues to deliver the atmosphere started in Progeria. And actually with song titles such as Taking mushroom and Butterpriest jam you should know what to expect: At least a fair dose of vintage Psychedelic Rock sounds, but Arabs in Aspic had long decided to wrap them in heavy forms with gloomy guitar riffs and rhythms, inspired by the masters they influenced them in the first place, Black Sabbath. For the most of the album's running time you feel they are in a constant mood for jamming with extended guitar- and organ-based grooves, offered in a set of different tempos. They remind me of the more recent second wave of Greek Psych Prog bands such as Will-o-the Wisp and Lemonade Influence, albeit in a harder and more dynamic style."
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