Aranis - II

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For a very small country, Belgium certainly has a easily identifiable sounding style of new music, and Aranis, a septet of fantastic young players, fits right into the chamber-rock sound that we all know from fellow country-groups like Louise Avenue, Cro Magnon, Julverne and Univers Zero, as well as other European bands such as DAAU, Lars Hollmer's various ensembles, Noetra, Silence IV, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Gatto Marte. The band consists of 2 violinists, accordion, piano, guitar, flute and double bass. For fans of this sound, this will will thrill and amaze. This is even better than their quite good debut and compares very favorably with the ensembles I have compared them to earlier in this paragraph. It was self-released on a tiny label in Antwerp and is difficult to get, hence the price.

"Classical music and rock are growing towards one another. An evolution we can only be pleased about."-Focus Knack

"Two violins, a double bass, accordion, piano, flute, guitar and almost no voice: it is quite clear that Aranis wants to make music you do not hear just anywhere."-De Standaard

"Aranis is a young and promising Flemish band with a unique sound. Its seven musicians explore every possible and impossible sound and technique on their instruments, which results in a cocktail of muted minimalism with a post-rock drive. Their ‘Acoustic Chamber Rock’, with its high rock content and references to folk and contemporary classical music has taken the classical world by surprise."

You can hear their music here
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