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For their fifth album, Aranis has done an about face on their last two releases which featured extra musicians/guests and have reverted back to their sextet chamber group sound using flute, double bass, piano, guitar, accordion and violin/viola. What is different this time is the fact that instead of all the compositions being by bassist Joris Vanvinckenroye as is usually the case, they've decided to shine the spotlight on 12 Belgium composers; what a SPLENDID idea! Some of these composers you will recognize from Wayside Music: Wim Mertins from Soft Verdict and many solo albums, Jan Kuijken from Louise Avenue, Geert Wageman from Cro Magnon and of course Daniel Denis (Univers Zero) and Roger Trigaux (Present). The others I don't know, but everything here is honestly great and this is the latest in a series of really superb releases by this ensemble. Highly recommended.
The tracks are:
Nonchalance - J. Kuyken
Le Feu - W. Vandenabeele
Inara - W. De Vleeschhouwer
Gentlemen of Leisure - W. Mertens
Where's Grommit - A. Van Dongen
Le Mart'eau - G. Waegeman
Short Story - L. De Gezelle
L1 - J. Vanvinckenroye
Salernes - W. Mertens
Bulgarian Flying Spirit Dances - D. Denis
Viaggio - D. Van der Harst
Ersatz - R. Trigaux
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