Aranis - Smells Like Aranis

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This is sort of a confounding album. Despite the fact that this is basically a cover album of Nirvana tunes, it sounds just like Aranis. If you are familiar with Nirvana, you'll recognize the fact that these are (nearly) all Nirvana tunes. However, if you don't know Nirvana, it will just sound like a Aranis album. Is that what they intended? I hope so! Anyway, it's an excellent Aranis work, with a deeper meaning if you know Nirvana....

"The secret of Aranis lies in the compelling fact that, as a listener, you are flung to and fro between the finesse of a classical concert and the excitement of a rock concert."-De Tijd

"Aranis became one of the innovators of new Belgian music in the last 14 years. Next season they once again change course. the point of departure this time will be the music of 'Nirvana'. At first sight Aranis doesn't have much in common with this cult band of the nineties, but if you look further you'll find a link! The musical spirit of the time in which the musicians of Aranis grew up and in which they live now is one of the most important underlying motives of their music. The theme of the original songs: anger, madness, boredom, depression,..., are brought together in a new and challenging program. Aranis wouldn't be Aranis if this recognizable material wouldn't lead it's very own life. The result is confrontational and astonishing! Do not expect covers, nor mellow classical arrangements, but expect a totally new interpretation and performance of Nirvana by Aranis! A musical adventure that makes one long for more!"
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