Arbete och Fritid + Rolf Lundqvist - Slotssbergets Hambo a Andra Valser

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The biggest surprise (read shock) of the end of 2005 was MNWs release of Arbete & Fritids album Slottsbergets Hambo on CD, one of the smallest and most introverted prog albums from the early 1970s. Short poems arranged with the dose of fantasy that only A&F are capable of. Soft whispering songs mixed up with stonerfuzzy epic doom parts like Heavy Eddy. The CD is housed in a nice digipak with booklet. The album includes the classic line-up: Bosse Skoglund, Tord Bengtsson, Ove Karlsson, Roland Keijser, Torsten Eckerman and the strange poet Rolf Lundqvist. Rolf Lundqvist was studying at secondary school in Falun, northern Sweden, when he first came into contact with Arbete & Fritid and Ove Karlson. On Christmas day of that year, they met up and made their first recordings together. The songs from the resulting demo are to be found on this CD. During this period, members of Arbete & Fritid came and went, but by New Year's Eve of 1971 their lineup was complete. The new band's first undertaking was to record with Rolf Lundqvist, which they did in Vaxholm, just outside Stockholm, in January of 1972. Christened Slottbergets Hambo & Andra Valser, the resulting album was released in April the same year. Rolf Lundqvist debuts as a poet with this album, singing and reciting his long texts; sometimes alarming yet ingenious comments on reality, often displaying disdain towards the falsity of today's way of life. Arbete & Fritid give the poetry a suitable audio backdrop ranging in styles from waltz, jazz and tango to folk and rock music. A bonus track is provided in the form of a newly-penned song by Roffe, linking back to his texts from the '70s.
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