Area - Parigi / Lisbona (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Many, many years after Area's demise, a small number of posthumous live albums came to light. Most were abysmally bad sound quality but this one, the first of them, is by far the best and is - for live 1970s archival material - excellent quality!

This is by the classic version of the band: Demetrio Stratos (vocals, organ, percussion), Paolo Tofani (guitar, synth), Patrizio Fariselli (keyboards), Giulio Capiozzo (drums, percussion), Ares Tavolazzi (bass) and it includes some things also heard on their incredible Are(A)zione (different versions of course) but it also includes live versions of tracks not found on there. Don't start here if you don't know Area, but if you are a fan, this is highly recommended.
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