Argirov, Yasko - Yasko (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is uproarious Bulgarian wedding band music, ala Ivo Papposav, performed by Yasko & his crack outfit of alto sax, accordion, keyboards & drums.
If you've never heard Bulgarian wedding music, at its best, it sounds like polkas in insane, always changing time signatures, performed at speed-core tempo. This stuff simply must be heard to be believed! Terrific fun and unconditionally recommended.

''Yasko Argirov, master of clarinet, is a living legend in Bulgaria, but his fame, because of the shyness of the artist never arrived to the Western world. Born in a musician family, still living the his village of Brestovitza, Argirov has gypsy roots very evident in his music that synthetize the entire Balkan music. Music composed and played for the daily life of his peasant neighbourhood with his rituals like weddings, funerals, christening, and for the feasts. A music very lively, rich of dexterity and of lyricism. A tradition updated by the flowing of the time not by the desire of success.''
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