Art Bears - Winter Songs vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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Dagmar Krause-vocals
Chris Cutler-drums, electronics
Fred Frith-guitars, keyboards, violin, xylophone
Lovely, very high quality re-edition of this, the 2nd album by the Art Bears and one that perfectly reprints the look of the cover as it appeared only in the UK edition, with embossed, gold foil lettering on the front.
This was the 2nd and best known album by the successor band to Henry Cow, as it was released in the States by The Residents' Ralph label, in the early 80's and at the peak of their market influence at that time.
Songs with powerful lyrics built upon experimental kernels. This is many folks' favorite of their three.

"Wintersongs...offers an even stronger, clearer set of artistic visions. Here the trio of ART BEARS stand alone, and the stripped- down sense of instrumentation, which almost resembles a standard combo (guitar, bass, piano, drums and singing), makes a simpler (though more poignant) musical statement. Often Fred Frith's penchant for angular melodies is forestalled, and re- placed with single note, "non-melodies" in a sort of minimalist, rhythmic accordance to the text's settings. Experimental studio work and effects abound, yet the sound is more economical and hard-hitting than the band's earlier work."
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