Art Zoyd - Le Champ des L'Armes

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"Electronic oratorio for 4 musicians surrounding the public and 5 video sources", I bet this is amazing to experience in the flesh. Less sure of how I feel it works as a CD alone; as has been the case with them for the last 20 years, it gets more and more minimal.
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First and foremost...I generally don't find most music that is associated with RIO/Avant-prog/etc all that dark and scary. Even stuff like early Univers Zero and Shub Niggurth. Sure, its not cheery stuff, but I don't get a sense of unease or dread. Some tension at times, but thats about it. However, this is a different story here. I do find this music dark, tense, unnerving, *insert favorite adjective of this type here*. Even in the quiter/sparser moments there is usually an uneasy tension that predominates the atmosphere. But more generally...An excellent modern electronic avant-garde album. Nothing like their early albums, and not really all too similar to the other late period work I have heard. It is indeed minimal with plenty of electronic drones/buzzes/sounds/etc, but there are a few occasions where it picks up the action. I definitely can see this working with a movie, but honestly I think it works damn fine on its own. Perhaps a little bit over long, but for me that is a minor complaint. If you fancy modern AZ or atmospheric electronic avant-garde works you should check this out. May take a few spins to fully sink it, but once it does, it's wonderful.
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I saw and heard this performed in Valenciennes Feb of 2007 and thought it was superb. I had already heard the CD and was quite in love with it. With the visuals, I'm sure it is easier for the "average person" - whoever that may be - to enjoy but I love how this music helps me to see a movie of my own in my mind. Art Zoyd is in a class by itself - there is no other band pushing the frontiers of sound in quite the same way.
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