Artchipel Orchestra / Ferdinando Farao - Truly Yours: Musiche di Phil Miller CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

The Artchipel Orchestra, led by conductor / arranger Ferdinando Farao, is a Italian big band (over 20 participants) and Ferdinando is a big fan of the British jazz and jazz rock scene of the 70s, having previously covered tunes by Hugh Hopper, Alan Gowen, Dave Stewart, Mike Westbrook & Fred Frith, among others.
Here, he’s taking on the compositional works of Phil Miller, with whom the Artchipel Orchestra actually collaborated. Included are some of Phil’s great tunes: Above & Below, Calyx, Eastern Reigion, Nan True’s Hole, God Song, Second Sight and Truly Yours.

“The primary idea was to offer the listener an overview, the widest possible, of Miller's musical work with the aim of enhancing its peculiarities as a composer...Obviously, the choice fell on those that lent themselves best to a jazz reinterpretation and an arrangement for big bands. But I must say that in the end it was personal taste that prevailed. ...Miller was temperamentally a shy type who didn't like showing off. I would say, an anti-diva par excellence. Even his playing, almost curled up on itself, was in some way symptomatic of a complex personality with a never self-referential approach. On a musical level, I would define him as a tireless researcher from the harmonic point of view. And this is easily understood by reading his very detailed notes that accompany the pieces, where he comes to indicate absolutely new harmonic paths.”-Ferdinando Farao

Caveat: This CD, was not commercially produced, despite being professionally recorded. Instead it was paid for and conceived as a 'free CD' on the front of the fabulous Italian jazz magazine Musica Jazz. The CDs come in a nice little paper sleeve, and these are the leftovers from that distribution. We are lucky to be able to have these to offer to you!
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