Artchipel Orchestra / Ferdinando Farao featuring Chris Cutler - To Lindsay: Omaggio A Lindsay Cooper

The Artchipel Orchestra, led by conductor / arranger Ferdinando Farao, is a Italian big band (with 25 participants on this album) and Ferdinando is a big fan of the British jazz and jazz rock scene of the 70s, having previously covered tunes by Hugh Hopper, Alan Gowen, Robert Wyatt, Dave Stewart, Mike Westbrook & Fred Frith, among others.
For this, their third album, he has chosen to highlight the compositions of the late Lindsay Cooper. They band perform:
1. Half The Sky (from "Western Culture")
2. England Descending (from "Oh Moscow")
3. Anno Mirabillis (from "Work Resumed")
4. As She Breathes (from "Music For Other Occasions")
5. Black Gold (from "Work Resumed")
6. To Lindsay (an original composition by Ferdinando)
7. Half The Sky (remixed by Bob Drake)

This would be enough, really, for anyone to want to own this, but he's enlisted Chris Cutler, who played on most / all of the original recordings to be the drummer for the entire album and Chris plays with the fire and push of his 30 year younger self and it's great to see him on fire like this. Hugely recommended; you need this!

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