Ascension - Jazz Rock Fusion for the New Millenium CD

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Mike Schiffman – guitar
Grant Whatford – bass and compositions
Darren McClelland – drums

So, talk about a odd story; this quite excellent electric, fusion power trio recorded this album in 1992 in a professional studio. For whatever reason, the recording was never mixed or completed until now, 30 years later.
This is aggressive, high quality stuff and highly recommended to any fan.

“Ascension was a Fusion band from London, Ontario Canada with a highly original, intense and inventive sound displaying world class musicianship.
The music will remind the listener of Holdsworth, John McLaughlin, Jonas Hellborg and other fusion greats that have blistering guitar work, complex time signatures, an intense rhythm section and brave new sounds. Despite the influences this is a totally unique and fresh take on the Fusion genre recorded in 1992 but certainly looking far ahead into the future.
This is an extremely rare and limited cd of a band on the cusp of greatness. The guitarist, prior to joining the band had just won a guitar competition that drew from the best musicians in the area which has one of the greatest population densities in Canada. They were asked by a promoter in London to open for the biggest Jazz band in the country at that time, UZEB, and were destined to be in the Toronto Jazz Festival that year.
Unfortunately, like a lot of bands this was not meant to be and the band dissolved.”
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