Ash Ra Tempel - Friendship

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This was originally recorded and released in 2000 and was one of two efforts by 'Ash Ra Tempel", which is the meeting again after quite some time of Klaus Schulze and Manuel Gottsching.

This one was always hard to find and while it isn't going to shame their classic 70s work, it's more than good, trancey music.

"Decent 2000 reunion effort between two of Krautrock's most noted players. What's it been now, like nearly thirty years since Ash Ra Tempel main player / guitarist Manuel Gottsching and synthesizer pioneer Klaus Schulze has played on the same record? Good things come to those who wait. 'Friendship' is good, having three lengthy tracks to it."Reunion" (30:40) is a nicely done laid-back progressive piece that picks up the pace a bit halfway through. "Pikant" (21:40) is probably considered to be world music and the title cut "Friendship" (26:30) is a good chance for Gottsching's guitar playing to show off it's sound scape capabilities. A should-have."-Mike Reed
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