Ash Ra Tempel / Manuel Göttsching - Inventions for Electric Guitar (remastered)

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The incredible, classic, sixth and final album by this legendary Krautrock ensemble, remastered by Manuel Göttsching himself! Highly recommended!

The sixth album by Ash Ra Tempel, this was actually Manuel Gottsching's first solo album. Recorded at home with a Teac 4 track, & released in 1974, it's an absolute classic of echo'd, multi-tracked guitar trance/space-out wizardry. Three long, appropriately named tracks ("Echo Waves," "Quasarsphere," "Pluralis"). This belongs in the collection of anyone interested in space or trance music.

"Manuel played his guitar and used a 4 track TEAC A3340, Revox A77 for echoes, WahWah pedal, volume pedal, Sola Sound Fuzz, Schaller Rotosound and Hawaiian steel bar."
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A really good floating/propulsive guitar album that points the way to later stuff like his Blackouts album and the better tracks from "New Age of Earth"(which isn't "new age" at all!). Great sound and a fine listen for all fans of his slightly more electronic "mid period" sound,...before he went for a more pop sound. Freakier than "E2 - E4" also(always a "plus" in my book).
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