Ash Ra Tempel - Seven Up CD (remastered)

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The fairly insane third album where Timothy Leary, on the run from the Feds, ends up in Switzerland surrounded by happy hippies. Remastered by Manuel Göttsching himself!

Their third album was named after the LSD-laced soft drink that these guys were now ingesting by the caseload. A big psychedelic / spaceout jam type disc, with the side long live track being a real highlight. This does have some pretty great moments (the live side being pretty outstanding overall) (& if you are a fan of stoned hippie fuckery, this could be your favorite of their releases), but I would not personally recommended that you start with this one.

The cast: Timothy Leary, Brian Barritt, Liz Elliot, Bettina Hohls (voices), Michael Duwe (voice, flute), Portia Nkomo (voice dubbed during the mix), Manuel Göttsching (guitar, electronics), Hartmut Enke (bass, guitar, electronics), Steve Schroeder (organ, electronics), Dietmar Burmeister (drums), Tommy Engel (drums dubbed during the mix), Klaus D. Mueller (tambourine), Dieter Dierks (synthesizer dubbed during the mix)
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