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"Astral TV is a new project from Causa Sui synth- and electronics-wiz Rasmus Rasmussen and fellow inner-space traveler Keith Canisius. On Chrystal Shores, they create fluctuating aural landscapes, ranging from subtle and earthy, to celestial and downright paranormal. Inspired in part by classic synth-scores, vintage European "kosmische", and modern drone, the duo has created the soundtrack for a heady, sonic trip. Like with the best new age music, these sounds can provide solace and regenerative energies in the listener, but ultimately the moods the duo creates are too open and ambiguous to be neatly categorized. The bright analog synths and delicate Stratocaster notes occasionally conjures images of rushing water, slowly passing cumulus and weightless, orbiting satellites. But there are more mysterious undercurrents in this music as well, periodically pulling it into peculiar, hypnagogic realms where ghostly digital presences awake. Chrystal Shores is awash in layers of tonal perfection, and while it constantly evolves, there's a unified feel to each of its gorgeous vinyl sides."
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