Athanor - Vos Cités Sont Des Tombeaux

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Second release (but the first one I heard or heard of), by a dark, French avant-progressive outfit who mine the territory of Shub Niggurath, Magma, Jean--Paul Prat, etc.

"After "Vulv'air", Athanor returns with a darker, more instinctive music; Influenced as much by the Zeuhl (Magma, Univers Zero, ... ) by contemporary music and the movement Rock in Opposition of "Henry Cow" and "Art Bears". Mixture of composition, improvisation and sound editing. 19 tracks make up the album about 1 hour. The album is sold in a three-pronged recycled paper envelope."

With the participation of:
Akiko Kamada-Cantereau: Translation french-japonese
Cédric Marcucci: Drums, percussions, basse, guitare, piano, rhodes, keyboard-synthétiseur, accordéon
Christophe Ayadi: Sax Tenor
Clémentine Poitrenaud: Violin
Emmanuelle Larmet: Banjo
Fabienne Gay: Voice, Violin et cello
Henri Herteman: Piano
Ingrid Obled: Double-basse
Jao Remsso: Guitare
Kiyono Moss: Voice
Laurent Rochelle: Clarinette, clarinette basse et sax soprano
Loïc Fanning: Violin
Masako Ishimura: Voice
Natacha Brouat: Voice
Sarah Gali: Flute
Sylke Rotzoll: Cello
  • LabelLe Chene Creux
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