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“In 1977 Atoll released the third album of their nice trilogy of 70's works. On ''Tertio'' the line-up is reduced to four members - Alain Gozzo, Christian Béya, Jean-Luc Thillot, Michel Taillet; there are no violins and the style is far less intricate than on the previous albums, but fortunately no less interesting. They switched into a more classic Symphonic Prog vein, similar to Genesis and Ange, with big synthesizer/organ sounds and afar more pronounced poetic/melodramatic edge both on vocals and guitars.
I have no complaints for the reduction of the jazzier elements, these guys could still produce magnificant, complex and atmospheric music in long compositions with beautiful instrumental themes and soaring keyboards and guitar. The farewell album of a great set of Atoll works.”-RYM
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