Attias, Michaël - Echos La Nuit

Michaël Attias: alto saxophone & piano

“Échos la nuit , Michaël Attias' first solo album, was twelve years in gestation and recorded in a little over an hour. The reverberation is from the room and the sympathetic resonance of the piano strings set into vibration by the sound of the saxophone and intricate pedal-work.
There are no overdubs: the alto is played with the left hand, the piano with the right. “But”, as Anthony Coleman quotes in his liners, "on this disc, it’s more like what Duke Ellington (him again?) said in his introduction to Chinoiserie : 'from (this) point of view it’s most improbable that anyone will ever know exactly who is enjoying the shadow of whom .'”
Mixed-limb unison timbres and dislocations tune a line suspended in what Busoni called the sustain pedal: "a picture of the sky" ... melodies in free fall, echoes by night ...

RIYL: Lacy, Braxton, Bley, Motian, Feldman, Michelangeli playing Debussy, solo Monk
  • LabelOut Of Your Head
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