Aurora Clara - Dreams CD

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Raul Mannola - electric guitar, acoustic nylon and steel-string guitars
Juan Carlos Aracil - flute
Denis Bilanin - keyboards, acoustic piano
Nill Oliveira - electric bass
Marc Halbheer - drums
Iván Mellén - percussion on 1, 2, 3, 4
Tino di Geraldo - tabla on 6
Kai Olander - tenor sax on 2

Very good third album from this hot Spanish fusion outfit. On this one they’ve changed the formula a bit; just like their main influence, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, there are some acoustic or acoustic-oriented pieces in between the barn burners!

“The Madrid based international jazz fusion band Aurora Clara releases their third album, DREAMS after two critically acclaimed powerhouse jazz-rock records, Transformation (2019) and Clear Dawn (2022). On DREAMS there still are a lot of fiery unison lines between flute and electric guitar, one of their trademarks, as well as virtuosic improvisations on keyboards, flute and guitar, as well as a fantastic drum solo in 5/4 time signature, but this time the overall atmosphere is somehow more organic, with a lot of percussion and acoustic guitar, both nylon and steel-string in every one of the seven tunes. Raul demonstrates his dominion of both flamenco-style fingerpicking and pick techniques. During the early 2022 he spent two months in Brazil and the musical influences are evident on several tracks. In São Paulo he saw some incredible graffiti art, and the local artist Boletabike is responsible for the cover paintings. The album also includes a remarkable homage to Shakti, the supergroup John Mclaughlin put together 50 years ago.”
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