Autumn Chorus - The Village To The Vale CD

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Robbie Wilson-vocals, guitar, trumpet & organ
Luke Foster-drums & piano
Peter Evans-bass & glockenspiel
Chris Lloyd-guitar and thumb piano
Thomas Feiner-vocals
Anna-Lynne Williams-vocals
Bruce White-viola
Helen Whitaker-flute

"The Village to the Vale, by the Brighton-based band Autumn Chorus, is one of the most interesting debut album of 2012. Try to imagine a green and pleasant landscape, really old-Brit, or the magnificent sound of a cathedral, and you’ll get the point of this music. Robbie Wilson’s voice is sustained by electric ad vintage sounds – recalling English classical symphonic and Sigur Ros – and orchestral music, as in a dreamy film soundtrack. A masterpiece between prog, folk, post-rock. Between past and future."
References: Fantasy, Sigur Ros, Cressida, Renaissance"
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